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Welcome to my Art blog that also serves as my personal blog!

Art is my passion and my art tag is #mc art.

MC Reference Sheet

Fresh: Alrighty, yo, yo. so MC is kinda “busy” so, I’m taking over this place! Don’t worry too much about her, she’s fine I bet. What? I don’t care or know where she is, she’s fiiinnnneee. Alright! Yo, hit me up with questions (I guess between PMDE and Gijinka idk) or submit whateva you want. 

YO, IF YOU SUBMIT FOOD WE WILL BECOME BROS. Just no veggies, fuck that noise. If YOU draw me and submit it I WILL JUDGE YOU WITH MY AWESOME SWAG AND just my awesomeness. Yo, gettin’ blessed by my swag and awesomeness, is like … shaking hands with 

Alright, TIME TO TAKEOVER THE BLOG! Lets have some fun

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